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UPDATES| Happy Thanksgiving! We're currently updating Newka! Stand by for a new experience!
#FindJimmy REWARD!
Help us #FindJimmy and receive a very gracious reward!

Everyone, we need your help! We're drastically needing assistance because Jimmy, our Newkaburger's fry cook, has gone missing. We believe he has been kidnapped! Oh no!

We've set up a teleporter (Door teleport) in the new Hotel Newka Lobby (the home room) that will take you directly to Jimmy's room. Newka Detectives are currently in his room gathering evidence and taking samples, but this is a case where we need your help.  

If you could, please go check out his room and look for clues. Those clues may lead to another room with more clues.  If you are able to make it to the end, send us the 'phrase' that Jimmy tells you.  You can discord it to one of us Admins (WhiteTuxGroom, Rae or Strangirs) or send it via the helptool (while we're working on our new event submission form).

Rewards for finding him is a Suitcase of NewkCoins worth 1500 NewkCoins and a #FindJimmy badge!