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NewkAlert! Bank Robbery
The Hotel's bank has been robbed, please urgently help detectives find the perpetrator!



Detectives are currently enlisting help from Newkas, the bank has been robbed and the detectives have hit a dead end!

Please make your way to the Hotel Lobby, there, we have temporarily placed a door that will lead you directly to the bank. Please identify the perpetrator responsible for this horrible crime!

Detectives are urging all Newkas to keep a keen eye on their surroundings at all times and inform the Police if they see anything out of place, keep your detective's eye on the case!

Bank Management has informed the news crews on the scene that the robbers have stolen 50,000 Credits worth of furniture! Anyone that is able to track down the perpetrator and send a screenshot to a member of Hotel staff will be rewarded with 5,000 Credits and a unique badge for their assistance! Be on the lookout for Clues!