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ROTW Announcement: Snowboarding/Ski Lodge
This week's ROTW is a Snowboarding/Ski Lodge due on March 6th!

Hey there, Newk's!

In the spirit of a chilling and long winter, let's remember what fun we can have in the snow!

We are presenting this week's ROTW to be a Snowboarding/Ski Lodge trailered to your design preferences and are offering some amazing rewards for those who are picked to win!

The third-place winner will receive 300 Credits, 800 Experience, and a unique Third Place Badge!

The second-place winner will receive a RARE Mammoth Sofa, 500 Credits, 1,000 Experience, and a unique Second Place Badge.

The first-place winner of the competition will receive the LTD NFT Club Sofa, a Trophy from staff symbolizing your win, 500 Credits, 1,200 Experience, and a unique First Place Badge. The First-place winner will also receive a place in the lobby for the whole week for other Newk's to appreciate!

The management team has decided to accept submissions for one week. This means that the deadline is the 6th of March. In order to submit your entry, please feel free to message either Anthony, WhiteTuxGroom, Strangirs, or Rae on client or on Discord with a photo.

There are NO limitations to this ROTW, so please have fun, get creative, and good luck with your builds!

- Rae