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UPDATES| Come check out the new updates to the catalog! So many items, so little time! | Planet Newka for Roblox is underway with a scheduled release date of May 4, 2022. Stay tuned for more details | Newka Classic has been proposed for Q3 2022, a V1 server of Hotel Newka for that nostalgic fix! |
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How do I earn coins?
What are coins for?
How are staff honest and held accountable?
Who works in Internal Affairs?
What is the rank structure?
How do I avoid a scam?
What are the most popular scams?
I’ve been scammed! What do I do?
What are rares?
How do I get rares?
How do I get exchange rares for coins?
Newka Hotel
What is Newka?
For Parents - Is my child safe?
Hotel Newka Policy - Section 1 (General)
Policy 1.1 - Execution of Hotel Newka's Policy
Policy 1.2 - Amendments
Policy 1.3 - Public Record Requests
Hotel Newka Policy - Section 2 (Hotel Economy)
Policy 2.1 - Registration Coins
Policy 2.2 - Prizes
Hotel Newka Policy - Section 3 (Furniture)
Policy 3.1 - General Furniture Information
Policy 3.2 - Furniture Pricing
Hotel Newka Policy - Section 4 (Staff Regulations)
Policy 4.1 - Staff Regulations General
Policy 4.2 - Applications and Hiring
Policy 4.3 - Staff Discipline
Policy 4.4 - Chain of Command
Policy 4.5 - Training of Officers, CMT
Policy 4.6 - Removal of Staff Members and Leave
Policy 4.7 - Staff Commands
Hotel Newka Policy - Section 5 (NLE Regulations)
Policy 5.1 - Installation of NLE
Hotel Newka Policy - Section 6 (Unlawful Behavior)
Policy 6.1 - Unlawful Behavior General
Policy 6.2 - Unlawful Behavior of Users
Policy 6.3 - Unlawful Behavior of Staff
Hotel Newka Policy - Section 7 (Infringement)
Policy 7.1 - Infringement of Certain Documents
Hotel Newka Policy - Section 8 (NewkaRP)
Hotel Newka Policy 8.1 - Installment of NewkaRP
Hotel Newka Policy 8.2 - Leveling
Hotel Newka Policy - Section 9 (Executive Orders)
Hotel Newka Policy - Executive Order 2021001
Hotel Newka Policy - Executive Order 2021002
Hotel Newka Policy - Executive Order 2021003
Hotel Newka Policy - Executive Order 2021004
Hotel Newka Policy - Executive Order 20220001
Hotel Newka White Paper Documents
Hotel Newka White Paper - NewkaRP
Hotel Newka White Paper - Hotel Economy