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Policy 1.2 - Amendments

Policy 1.2 - Amendments
The policy of Hotel Newka is created to distinguish itself against other online communities. The creation of a policy prevents unwanted actions, dictatorship and unruly command over the Hotel.
Policies may be rewritten or new policies may be created. This is subject to a board approval. Any ammendments or adding and or removing policies must be agreed upon by at minimum:
(2) administrative staff
(2) moderation / event staff
(2) regular users

To approve an amendment, additional policy or policy removal must be agreed upon by the majority of the board, with atleast half of each users group in agreement. In this case, to approve such policy the following would have to agree:
(1) administrative staff
(1) moderation / event staff
(1) regular users
(1) other from any of the 3 user groups.
The electorala from each group of users allows policies to go into effect that does not have bias towards any other group of users. Users from each user rank must be in agreement (majority).