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Policy 2.1 - Registration Coins

Policy 2.1 - Registration Coins

Every new user at Hotel Newka will be given the allotment of 100 "Newk Coins" upon registration. These are considered start up coins and are used to assist each user in purchasing furniture, clothing, Club Newka memberships, and
other privilages only available to those with Newk Coins. (The start up coin amount MAY be amended at any time by ANY administrative member. This amount may not exceed 800)

There is to be "Sign Up Bonuses" given out during certain days, weeks and seasons. This is to be known as "Hot SignUps". This will change the allotment of start up coins from "100" to no greater than "1800" Newk Coins. To combat unfair treatment to pre-existing users,
an allotment will be issued on the (1)st day of each "Hot Signup". The gifts given to each Newk user will be based upon longevity of time registered and hours spent in game. The chart below will determine what is given to Newk users
during Hot SignUp days:

Registered for over 1 year: Mysic Duck (worth ~16,000c)
Registered for 8 months: Yellow Spaceship Door (Worth ~7,000c)
Registered for 4 months:Aqua Slurpee Machine (Worth ~2,000c)
Registered for 2 months: Diamond Dragon Lamp (Worth ~1,200c)
Registered for 1 month: Rose Gold Dragon Lamp (Woth ~700c)
Registered for 3 weeks: Bronze Trophy from Hotel Manager (Worth ~?)

Spent 1000+ hours in game: Moodi Machine + Suitcase of Cash (Worth ~57,000c)
Spent 800+ hours in game: Fuschia Ice Cream Machine + Suitcase of Cash (Worth ~36,000c)
Spent 500+ hours in game: Blue Smoke Machine + Suitcase of Cash (Worth ~17,000c)
Spent 300+ hours in game: Golden Dragon Lamp + Suitcase of Cash (Worth ~7,500c)
Spent 150+ hours in game: Bronze Dragon Lamp + Suitcase of Cash (Worth ~5,000c)
Spent 50+ hours in game: Silver Elephant + Big Sapphire (Worth ~1,500c)
spent 25+ hours in game: Viking Loot
spent 10+ hours in game: Golden Roll
Spent 5+ hours in game: 25c
Spent less than 5 hours in game: 20c

This dispersment of Rares into the game, given to high user players allows Hotel Newka to show that the staff is thankful to each of our users, and rewards players for spending their time with Hotel Newka. The
disperment of Rares also allows Hotel Newka to slowly place Rare furniture into the Hotel's economy without damaging any prices.
This policy (Policy 2.1) is subject to change without approval of a board needed. The Hotel Manager is allowed to change the awarded Rares after each Hot SignUp to prevent a flooding of Rares into the economy, damaging the values.