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Policy 2.2 - Prizes

2.2 - Prizes in Competitions / Games
Hotel Newka is to hold competitions within the hotel. At Phase II of Hotel Newka (By the end of Q1 2022) it is recommended that Hotel Newka conduct atleast (1) competition weekly, but maximum of (4) weekly.
Prizes resulted in competition wins are to be determined by the Community Management team. The prizes resulted from competition wins are to be purchased by Administration.
Community Management should reach out to one of the Hotel Administrators once a competition is drawn up and show a "blue print" of the competition to Administration. The Competition Creator should include their recommendation of a prize for each competition (and if there is more than 1 winner - 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place). The Adminstration team is then to approve the competition as long as it meets community standards and purchase the items that are recommended for the competiton prize. The Prize will be placed in the Communtity Management Headquarters room until it is presented to the winner of such competition.

Prizes in Competitions should be no less than 50c (of value the same as) or more than 1500c (or value the same as) unless specifically approved by an Administrator.
It is recommended to Community Management to prevent a flooded economy by using different prizes as much as possible so that our user's don't have value dropping in their prized possessions.

Community Management is also urged to conduct games with the chance of winning prizes. However, it is required that the prize presented in games be less than that of competitions (no less than 25c, no more than 300c) unless specifically approved by an Administrator.

This allows daily games to be competed in without the worry of flooding the economy. It is recommended that games (such as Falling Furni, etc) prizes be awarded in coins instead of Rares. Although, Rares can be awarded depending on
the specific details of such game.