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Policy 3.1 - General Furniture Information

Policy 3.1 - Furniture (General)
Furniture is where most Newk Coins are spent. Furniture comes in many different shapes, sizes, rarity and colors.

Furniture that is listed inside of the catalogue and never leaves the catalogue (permanent items which are always available)
are considered "Norms" (normal items) and are generally reasonable in price and can be purchased at any time by any user.

Items that are not in the catalogue and are not readily available are considered "Rares" (rare items). These items are released into the Hotel by multiple different ways such as:
1) Winning a Rare item in a Competition,
2) Purchasing the Rare item if it is temporarily released in the Catalogue,
3) Winning the Rare item in a game,
4) Trading another user with the Rare item, for the Rare item,
5) Purchasing the Rare item in the Marketplace for coins,
6) Being given the Rare item by Administration,
7) Winning a user made game (unofficial Falling Furni, etc) with a prize of a Rare
8) Taking part in our Limited Edition collection when they are announced

Pricing of Rares is to be defined in Policy 3.2