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Policy 3.2 - Furniture Pricing

3.2 - Furniture Pricing
Pricing of Furniture is determined in a multitude of ways.
"Norm" furniture is generally determined by the price in the Hotel Catalogue. These prices rarely fluctuate and are generally stable prices. It is normal to see these prices drop once they leave the catalogue, however,
purchasing the items brand new from the catalogue will generally have a stable price. There will be certain days, weeks, months and seasons that prices could be reduced on a certain section of the catalogue. This could be due
to a promotion. Such as Holidays, the week after christmas, the Christmas items will be half off in the catalogue.

"Rare" furniture is determined generally by the rareness of such Rare. The less amount of the Rare in circulation, the higher the price (generally). Rares such as the "Throne" is a stable item with the cost being approximately
1,000c which allows Thrones to be used as a rule-of-thumb in currency. If trading for another item, some will say "That will cost about 2 Thrones" meaning, 2,000 coins or so. Rares are divided into different sections depending on
their price point and how Rare each item is. The top 3 tiers of Rare items are "Wikked Rares", "Ultra Rares" and "Super Rares". Wikked Rares are generally accessible by Administration and have very few within Hotel Circulation (Generally
between 1-5 and are given out for certain competitions). Ultra Rares are often given out for competitons and have a price point average of 6,000c. There is generally also very few Ultra Rares in circulation. Super Rares are
more common, yet still highly uncommon and have an average price point of 2,000c. These are given out more often in competitions. Super Rares will rarely ever be seen in the catalogue unless for a limited run which usually last 1 hour max.

Rare Values are visible on the Hotel Newka website under the Community Tab. These are updated by the Community Managment Team. The Community Managment Team is instructed to gather up to date pricing on the Rares within the hotel
and relay this information up to Administration so that the prices can stay up to date.