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Policy 4.2 - Applications and Hiring

4.2 - Applications and Hiring
To become a staff member at Hotel Newka, one is required to apply for an open position on HotelNewka.Com under the community tab on the "Jobs" page.
Once an application is received, it will be reviewed by one of the members of Administration. The application will then be approved or denied. If the application is approved, the following steps must occur:
1) The applicant will recieve an email from one of the Administrators with a Letter of Conditional Hire which explains more steps must be followed to become a fully hired staff member.
2) The applicant will be requested to answer a series of questions provided by Adminstration.
3) The applicant will be given certain policy documents they are required to review, then they must be able to comply with the policy.
4) The applicant will have a private meeting either in-game, or Discord with the Hotel Owner (WhiteTuxGroom).
5) After the meeting, the Hotel Owner will sign off on the final order of hire.
6) The applicant will go through a series of in-game training to learn the functions of their new abilities and how to properly utilize such abilities.
7) The applicant will be sworn in and receive their new rank and badge.

The applicant will receive a "Welcome" package of items related to their job duties. These items can be used in their own rooms to show off their positions. New Hires also receive a "Sign On Bonus". All items in the new hire welcome package
are below:

4.2A NLE Welcome Package:
- Rugged Laptop
- Newka Gun Vendor (Super Rare)
- New Hire Gold Trophy from Hotel Owner
- Golden Key (Sign On Bonus worth 1000 Coins)

4.2B CMT Welcome Package:
- Studio Camera
- Newka Lectern (Super Rare)
- New Hire Trophy from Hotel Owner
- Diamond Duck (Sign On Bonus worth 750 Coins)

NO staff member is authorized to promote any user without going through the proper process. Any staff member caught abusing their powers and ranking users without proper processing will be dismissed from staff.
All applicants who apply for a position on HotelNewka.Com applies understanding that this is a volunteer basis position. HotelNewka is not resposible for any payment. Staff Members receive in game currency for their
volunteer work, but do not receive any FIAT currency as this is NOT full-time employment.

Both welcome packages can be altered by the Hotel Owner and changed to prevent flooding of the economy by pushing out too many of the same Rares, causing value to decrease.
Other than the Welcome Packages (4.2A, 4.2B) this policy shall not be infringed upon and shall not be amended.