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Policy 4.3 - Staff Discipline

4.3 - Discipline
Any Staff member caught abusing their power or moderation tools, taking part in insubordination, taking part in Quid Pro Quo, bullying users or other staff, stalking users, cheating other users, scamming, hacking, lying about their rank,
threatening others users or staff or other unlawful behavior will be disciplined, leading up to dismissal. Prior to Discipline, a staff member can receive a "Notice". Notices warn the Staff member about their actions, but a Notice
does not go into their file. If the violation continues, then the action taken will move to discipline.
The current Discipline chart is as follows:

1) Counseling: A private talk with a supervisor about violations of policy. Counseling is the lowest level of discipline and the Notice of Counseling (NOC) will be placed into the staff member's file on the database and will remain
in the database for a period of 1 month. If the staff member violates policy again within that month, the member will go to the next step in discipline.

2) Suspension / Reprimand: Reprimand is a disciplinary action that is provided to a member that committs a more serious violation of policy. Reprimands go into the Staff member's file for 6 months. If the Staff member violates policy
again within 6 months, the Staff member will be removed from staff. Suspension is when a staff member is suspended from their Staff duties for a period of anywhere between 12 hours and 1 week. Suspension is the alternate action taken
which allows a Staff member refrain from receiving a letter of reprimand in exchange for suspension. The immediate supervisor and Internal Affairs (IA) is responsible for determining which action should be taken.

3) Dismissal: When a Staff member violates a very serious policy, the member will be dismissed from Hotel Newka Staff. Dismissal is decided upon by Internal Affairs.

4) Ban: When a Staff member violates a very serious policy, makes threats or breaks the law, the Staff member will not only be dismissed from Hotel Newka Staff, but be banned from Hotel Newka.