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Policy 5.1 - Installation of NLE

5.1 - The Installation of NLE

Newka Law Enforcement (NLE) is the backbone of security on Hotel Newka. NLE is divided into 3 sections:

  • Administration
  • Internal Affairs
  • Officers

Administration consists of (4) Level 7 Newk Users with the highest power and command over the Hotel. The rank structure of administration is as follows:

  1. Hotel Owner
  2. Hotel Manager
  3. Hotel Community Manager
  4. Hotel Community Manager #2

(2) Administrative Level 7 Newk Users are to be appointed to an Internal Affairs Position. This position is only a as-needed position and requires both Administrators to conduct Internal Investigations on other staff members if the need arises.


5.1B - The Hotel Owner is issued the power to appoint the Internal Affairs Administrators. The Hotel Owner is allowed to appoint himself/herself as an Internal Affairs appointee. The Hotel Owner may resign on his or her own accord. If this occurs, the funding of Hotel Newka can still be funded for the continuous operation of Hotel Newka by the resigned Hotel Owner. In this case, the Hotel Manager (2nd in command) becomes the Hotel Owner and all ranks move up. If any position has a resignation, the positions below that user will move up.


5.1B2 - The Original Hotel Owner of Hotel Newka, if a resignation occurred, will still stay a Level 7 Administrator and will be placed in “Reserve” status. If the Original Hotel Owner chooses to return to full duty, a discussion with no less than 6 users will be held in the Official room for policies which will determine the best placement for the Hotel Owner.


5.1C - Due to the safety and security of Hotel Newka, portions of Hotel Newka Policy 5.1 is not to altered or infringed, pursuant to Hotel Newka Policy 7.1. The following arguments may not be made when consulting over Hotel Newka Policy 5.1


  • There may be no disbanding of NLE and the functions that NLE conducts. The safety of our users, whether they be teenagers or young adults is Hotel Newka’s #1 Priority
  • The Hotel Owner is the Chief NLE Officer and may not be impeached from command if said owner is funding the operation of Hotel Newka. If the Hotel Owner who is funding the operation of Hotel Newka resigns from his or her position and the Hotel Manager receives the Hotel Owner position and does not fund Hotel Operation, he or she may be impeached by majority vote.
  • Divisions MAY be added or amended but no current division may be disbanded. Internal Affairs is a key component to keeping our users safe.