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Policy 6.2 - Unlawful Behavior of Users

Policy 6.2 - Unlawful Behavior of Users

  • Users are allowed to engage in digital games using Hotel Newka’s digital assets. These games are sometimes in rooms known as Game Rooms with devices that change when clicked by a user. Users are not allowed to “gamble” for real FIAT currency. It should be noted that no item inside of Hotel Newka is allowed to be purchased by FIAT currency. Hotel Newka is a not for profit educational program uses for entertainment and education on real life scenarios.
  • Users are allowed to play games and use digital assets such as “dice masters” and win other digital assets from other players, as long as the winning prize is a digital item within Hotel Newka.   
  • 6.2B NO USERS ARE ALLOWED TO PLAY ANY GAME FOR THE PRIZE OF FIAT CURRENCY.  Policy Section 6.2B shall not be infringed upon, changed or amended. Hotel Newka does not engage in real currency exchanging.


6.2C - Users may not engage in sexual misconduct or harassment. No user may add another user to request sexual requests.  Any sexual requests within Hotel Newka is a direct violation of this policy and will result in a ban of the requesting user.


6.2D - No user may “scam” another user. Users within Hotel Newka are given free credits known as “Newk Coins” for activities they complete. With these coins, users can purchase and exchange items that are available within the catalogue. Any user that steals, coerces, request log in information, or doesn’t follow through with a deal made in a game room will be considered a scammer and a violator of this section and will result in a ban of the user.