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Policy 4.4 - Chain of Command

Policy 4.4 - Chain of Command

The chain of command of Hotel Newka is the order of which the Hotel Staff and general population operates. The chain of command is as follows: (followed by the color code of the rank)

  1. Hotel Owner RED
  2. Hotel Manager RED
  3. Administrative Community Manager(s) RED
  4. Captain(s) of NLE PURPLE
  5. Officer(s) of NLE BLUE
  6. Community Management Team Member(s) GREEN
  7. Rookie Officer(s) TEAL
  8. Front Line Worker(s) PINK
  9. General Member(s)


Users that have the power of ban, kick and other moderation powers are chain of command numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Rookie Officers are given “soft tools” which do not allow them to conduct acts such as banning but soft kicks and other similar tools for training purposes.