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How are staff honest and held accountable?

Good question, we thought about this. 
We want your experience at Hotel Newka to be safe and fun. We've seen moderators in the past abuse their powers and in result, causing hours of game time and items to be lost because the account was banned for no apparent reason. To combat this, we've implemented a review board.

Permanent Bans

Before ANY permanent ban can be initiated by an Officer, the Officer must submit a report explaining the basis for the permanent ban. The report will be sent up the Officer's chain of command and must be signed off by all superiors along with the Chief before being initiated.

Officers are allowed to temporarily ban users for a period not exceeding 1 day(s) until a full review is done and a length of the ban is to be determined.

Officers must submit their report within 12 hours of initiating the temporary ban or the Officer will be reviews by Internal Affairs and potentially given a counseling session, which is the first step in Officer discipline.

We at Hotel Newka support our Officers completely and give them every tool in our power to combat scamming, vulgar language, danger to users and other attacks.  

Temporary Bans

Any temporary ban initiated by an Officer is a ban no exceeding 3 days.

There are multiple lengths of bans:

  • 10 minute Mute ban
  • 12 hour ban
  • 1 day ban
  • 2 day ban
  • 3 day ban

Temporary bans through 12 hours do not have to be reported up the chain of command. If you believe an Officer is unreasonably targeting you with mute and 12 hour bans, please use the Newka Help Tool and open a ticket and a Admimistrator will get back with you ASAP.

How is Administration held accountable?

Anyone above the rank of Officer is allowed to also ban users. The way Admimistration is able to be held accountable is after any Administrator bans a user, within 12 hours of the ban, a review with the review board (a group of 6 Newks: 2 Admins, 2 Officers, 2 Regular Newk Users) must have a majority vote (4 out of 6) that the ban was A) Reasonable, and B) the offense was against Hotel Newka Policy.