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Policy 7.1 - Infringement of Certain Documents

Policy 7.1 - Infringement of Certain Documents

This policy is to put in place a list of certain policies and documents which may not be infringed upon, changed, disbanded, discontinued or removed from Hotel Newka policy.


  1. Policy 1.1 - Execution of Hotel Newka Policy:
  • No change shall be made in policy that disbands the policy of Hotel Newka. It must be adhered to as Hotel Newka law to keep users safe and keep accountability and integrity with staff members. Policies may be updated, amended or changed if said policy is amendable, but no amendment shall be made that disbands the policy manual as a whole. Hotel Newka is to abide by the policy throughout the operation.


       2. Policy 4.2 - Applications and hiring:

  • The way in which applications and hiring are conducted may be amended or changed to grow and progress with new technology and other programs. What may NOT be amended is a proper process of hiring new management and staff. No staff member may rank up any user without a proper process as explained in Policy 4.2.


        3. Policy 5.1 - Newka Law Enforcement (NLE)

  • No amendment shall be made that disbands NLE nor its divisions. Amendments MAY be made to certain NLE policies but NLE may NOT be disbanded. The Hotel Owner who funds the operation of Hotel Newka may not be impeached from command, but if the Hotel Owner resigns, giving the position to the next position below, the non-funding Hotel Owner may be impeached by majority vote.