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Policy 6.3 - Unlawful Behavior of Staff

6.3 - Unlawful Behavior of Staff

No staff member, front line worker, CMT member, Officer, Administrative or Hotel Command may conduct any of the following:

  1. Quid Pro Quo - Offering something personal in return for something from a subordinate (such as sexual favors)


2. Using powers for reasons that violate policy - Such as banning users for saying certain things the staff member does not agree with. Such as if a user states he voted for Candidate X in the US Election, but the staff member voted for Candidate Y, the Staff member may NOT harass, kick, ban, intimidate or tease another user based on the political views. This goes for political views, religious views, personal views or any views, popular or unpopular. Hotel Newka considers itself a free speech platform as long as the speech conforms with Hotel Newka policy.


3.   Staff may not ask for money from any user or upper management - Staff may NOT request FIAT Currency from the Hotel Owner or Manager. This goes for any currency such as USD, EUR, CAD, etc. All staff that applies or receives a position at Hotel Newka accepts such offer knowing specifically that every position is of a volunteer basis. No staff member may request funds from users in exchange for coins, furniture or other items. If any staff member is caught exchanging items or credits for currency from any user, the staff member will be disciplined as defined in Hotel Newka Policy 4.3.