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Policy 4.6 - Removal of Staff Members and Leave

4.6 - Removal of Staff Members

If a staff member conducts unruly, unreasonable, careless or reckless actions, does not contribute to Hotel Newka, fails to log in for an extended period of time, becomes clearly distant from Hotel Newka, loses interest and desire, 1 administrative member shall alert the Hotel Owner of such issue. The Hotel Owner then has the authority to remove the member from Hotel Newka staff, moving all members up 1 rank.


The removal of a Staff member who has abandoned their position does not need board approval, just the approval of 1 or more administrative staff, or other staff members and the approval of the Hotel Owner.

If a staff member has personal issues arise and knows they will be absent for a period of time, their absence will be approved and excused for the duration of their personal affairs. During this time of a staff members a sense, they will be placed in "Reserve" status and all ranks will move up one as "acting rank".

Example: Hotel Manager (#2) must go on military leave for 3 months. 
The Administrative Community Manager (#3) will move up to Hotel Manager and be known as "Acting Hotel Manager". Once the absent member returns, all positions will return to their original positions.