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Hotel Newka Policy - Executive Order 2021003

Executive Order 2021003 - 12/9/2021

Executive Order 2021003 is the EO implementing a full Hotel Newka Economy Overhaul.

This is being placed under Executive Orders via the Hotel Owner and is structured the solely benefit the regular users of Hotel Newka.  The following is what is being implemented:

  • "Duckets" are being renamed to "Newketts".
  • "Credits" are being officially renamed to "NewkCoins".
  • Newketts will now serve as the main catalogue currency used to purchase normal Furniture and normal Clothing from the Catalogue.
  • A mixture of Newketts and Newkcoins will be the main currency used to purchase seasonal and other 'Rarer' furniture via the catalogue.
  • NewkCoins will solely be used to purchase Weekly and Weekend Rares via the Catalogue. 
  • Diamonds will solely be used to purchase LTD Rares from the catalogue.
  • A mixture of NewkCoins and Diamonds will be used to make purchases of other special items.
  • Users will be allotted daily allowances of Newketts, so they can build to their hearts desires.
  • Credits and Diamonds will be earned via Competitions, Events, Games, and Employment (detailed in NewkaRP).
  • Diamonds can be earned from helping staff members in the event of scamming or other negligent acts of members.
  • Credits and Diamonds will serve at the High-End currency from here on out with Diamonds being the more rare of the 3 currencies.
  • Newketts are allowed to be given freely by staff to members.
  • No Rare shall be purchased via Newketts unless approved by a staff member.
  • The amount of Newketts given to users when registering onto Hotel Newka will be upped.
  • All current registered users on HotelNewka.Com will recieve 6000 Newketts on 12/9/2021 @ 7:30PM EST to combat unfairness in new registers recieving extra Newketts