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Policy 4.7 - Staff Commands

Hotel Newka Policy 4.7 - Staff Commands

Hotel Newka Policy 4.7 is to govern the use of Staff Commands.

All Staff Members are allowed to routinely conduct a ":commands" check to check their commands throughout their shift.
All commands are different to each Staff Member depending on their respecitve rank. Administrators (Level 7) have extra commands that can keep the server functioning. The commands within Level 7 that start with ":update" should NOT be used by any Level 7 Staff Member unless they are specifically working on features of Hotel Newka or are requested by whichever developer, Hotel Owner, or person conducting maintanence on the server. If these commands are used incorrectly, it could damage certain aspects of Hotel Newka.

Commands that are utilized as "alerts" should NOT be utilized by any staff member unless specifically announcing something that requires the alert.

Hotel Alerts:
Hotel Alerts are restricted to being used to announce new updates, a mass gift, or annoucning anything that the user base should be aware of such as current issues that affect the Hotel or the Hotel is going under maintanence. All Hotel Alerts should ONLY be conducted by Administrative staff.

Staff Alerts:
Staff Alerts are utilized to specifically alert the rest of the staff of an issue or something that arises.
Staff Alerts should ONLY be used when absolute necessary. If Staff is available to be contacted in another way and quickly respond (in game, private message, discord, etc)
then that should always be the way of making contact before resulting in a Staff Alert.

Room Alerts:
Room Alerts are utilized to specifically alert users within one single room. Room Alerts are to be used for Events, Warnings, Announcements and other alerts that are specific to Hotel Newka Policy.

No Alerts should be made by any Staff Member unless theres an urgent need to specific alert users about a occurrence or an event. The Community Management Team (CMT) are allowed to make Room Alerts specific to events. Officers and Captains are restricted to Room Alerts and Staff Alerts, yet this should still only be made if an urgent matter presents itself.

All staff members with the eligible ranking are authorized to use commands such as teleport, invisible, moonwalk, fastwalk, sitdown, pickall and other user level (VIP) commands as long as it does not interfere with other users or cause cheating or other unbecoming behavior by the staff member. Inivisible commands should be restricted to use of Officers and above when conducting an investigation or any other duty related investigatory reason.

Commands such as the YouTube command, Summon commands, Quiz and Poll commands should not be utilized by Staff unless a specific reason. YouTube commands should never interfere with another user who is in game on Hotel Newka UNLESS the user specifically requests Staff give them a visual explanation of something that could be relayed via the YouTube command. The YouTube command can be used by staff for client side viewing only if the staff member is alone and wishes to view a YouTube video in game. Though no Staff member may send unwarranted YouTube videos to any user of Hotel Newka, especially without specific consent of the user.

Summon commands should ONLY be used for urgent needs and another Staff Member needs to be summoned for assistance quickly.
No regular user should be summoned unless they are taking part in an activity and get lost or taking part in a game or other activity where summoning is required.

Word Quiz and Poll commands should only be used for activities where a quiz or a poll is apart of the activity which is taking place (such as InfoBus day).

Administration is able to use the WordQuiz and Poll commands for specific requests from the community. This is limited to Administration and is specific to assistance from the community on the growth of Hotel Newka and also is utilized for voting on policies.

Control Commands are absolutely restricted unless an urgent reason requires the use of controlling another user. No Staff member may control another user's walking path or what the user says. Control commands give Hotel Newka Staff much power over general users. This could allow staff members to control what a general user
says which could result in a ban of a general user due to the negligence of a Staff member. If any Staff member is found abusing the control functions, they will be dismissed from their position immediately.

Commands such as giving Newketts, NewkCoins, Diamonds, Furni, Items, Gifts etc is SPECIFICALLY RESTRICTED to Administration only. Administration are allowed to disperse currency on a case by case basis. Administration also can use this command Daily to give out daily rewards to users and monthly gifts such as the December Penguin gifts. These commands are highly restricted and any Staff member who is found abusing the giving command will be quickly removed from Staff.

Depending on the case, the Staff member can also be banned. Any findings of Staff giving away currency or items is unfair to all other users. This could not only damage the Hotel Newka economy, but also shows specific unfairness to other users who did not recieve the same treatment. All unlawful giving of items and currencies will be removed from the user in which they were given to. Case by Case basis allows Administration to give gifts and currency. These gifts are to be discussed within Administration and approved by Administration.