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UPDATES| Come check out the new updates to the catalog! So many items, so little time! | Planet Newka for Roblox is underway with a scheduled release date of May 4, 2022. Stay tuned for more details | Newka Classic has been proposed for Q3 2022, a V1 server of Hotel Newka for that nostalgic fix! |
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Hotel Newka Policy 8.1 - Installment of NewkaRP

The following Policy is written to approve 2 changes:
The creation of Section 9 of Hotel Newka Policy.
The movement of Section 8 (Executive Orders) to Section 9.
The creation of “NewkaRP Policies” to be placed in Section 8 of Hotel Newka Policy.
If approved, this policy will be titled Policy 8.1 - Installment of NewkaRP Policy.

This Policy was approved and enacted on 12/26/2021 @ 8:55PM, EST.