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Hotel Newka Policy 8.2 - Leveling

The following Policy is to outline and detail how leveling in NewkaRP (And Hotel Newka in general) is conducted.  


  • Users of Hotel Newka can level up to Level 1000.
  • “Ranks” and “Levels” are separate. Every 5 Levels a user attains a new “Rank”.
  • Each LEVEL a user receives NewkCoins, Newkettes and Diamonds. The amount increases as the level increases.
  • Each RANK (Every 5 Levels) a user receives a badge indicating their NewkaRP Rank and a Rare Reward which is chosen and agreed upon by Staff.
  • NO Staff member is allowed to give out the Rare Rewards. These MUST be attained by users ranking up. 
  • Users ARE allowed to still trade and sell Rare Rewards, but they all MUST be attained by ranking.
  • Staff members are allowed at max (2) of each Rare Reward to OWN themselves, they must not be given to users. These must be kept low in circulation to keep Hotel Newka users playing for a high-priced Rare Reward.
  • XP CAN be given out by Staff at events, or given XP for commendable actions a user takes in game.  The XP given out should NOT exceed 2 levels worth (600-1000XP).

The following policy was approved on 12/26/2021 @ 9:01PM, EST.