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UPDATES| February 2023 - We're still kicking, we're currently processing new updates for Hotel Newka. Stop in and check it out!

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Hotel Newka is a online virtual world where you can create your character, meet new friends, chat, build rooms to your heart's desire, and enjoy the creations made by our community. Hotel Newka is a free speech platform and runs on a democratic based policy where every user has a voice in game. Hotel Newka took a different approach due to the issues we've seen in other online communties. You won't be banned for voicing your opinions. The Staff of Hotel Newka also cannot make drastic changes to Hotel Newka without user input which includes our voting system. Due to our open-book policy, our entire policy section is posted on the site and is accessible 24/7. Administration and Staff must abide by these rules. This is what separates Hotel Newka from the rest. HABBO is a registered trademark of Sulake OY; Hotel Newka is not affiliated.

Hotel Newka is different than other Hotels, online games, corporate run communities, etc. When we decided to develop Hotel Newka, it was decided because the people who run Hotel Newka and developed it, are old school players of Habbo Hotel (2004-Present). The years have shown us what big companies can do to fill their pockets with your money, without giving much in return. Hotel Newka was developed for simply the love of the game, the friendships that we make, and the enjoyment we have by building new rooms and friendships. Because we want everyone to have a fair chance at playing Hotel Newka and being able to get the most out of it, we introduced a "democtatic" policy system which prohibits Administration and other Staff from "over-reaching" whethr it's banning users for no apparent reason (like we see in some hotels) or making drastic changes to Hotel Newka, causing it to decay. We LISTEN to our users. Users must VOTE to amend any policy, approve or dissaprove any subject matter before it goes into our policy system. You're safe here. You have freedom of speech. We won't cancel you.

Hotel Newka has a very unique system known as the Leveling System. This allows users to gain "XP" by simply logging in and playing. Every 200 XP you gain, you achieve a new level. Every level you acheive, you recieve a allottment of NewkCoins, Newkettes and Diamonds. XP is gained by walking, talking, entering rooms, visiting, adding friends, etc. Every 5 Levels you earn, you recieve a specialty rare which is strictly exclusive to the leveling system. No staff member may purchase such rare, as it can only be gained by leveling up. This keeps rewards and prices high for our users, and stock very limited. Lines include the Newkajuice RP Line, Cyber RP Line, Fallen RP Line, Forest RP Line, and Royal RP Line. Feel free to visit our Community Page > Rare Value Page to get a look at these custom cool rares and their soaring prices.

Parents Attention: We strive to keep Hotel Newka clean and friendly to all users, but we must give a warning that your child SHOULD be at least 13 years of age or older to sign up. Even though our community has Moderators and Administrators constantly working around the clock, we still believe for the safety of all individuals, children should be 13 or older to become a member. Due to our free speech platform beliefs, there are some words or phrases that could be used in Hotel Newka that you may not agree with as parents, we get this. That being said, we still filter any vulgar sayings, credit card numbers, home addresses, etc. If you do decide to let your child play, we will do our best to make sure they are proteted in a safe space online and will deal quickly and swfitly with anyone who violates our policy. Our Newka Law Enforcement Officials monitor chats, actions and activities day and night, 24/7.

Current Events

Howdy, everyone! It's time to get Hotel Newka back up and rolling with a multitude of new stuff rolling in!

March 16, 2022
Nitro V2 has successfully been installed onto Hotel Newka and is fully operational. Our Newka edits are being done in real time to give Newka that Newka aesthetic that we all love. Log in, let us know what your thoughts are.

March 17, 2022
New clothes and furni are rolling in! All of the clothing we are adding is to be free and already accessible in your wardrobe. Go check out your wardrobe and see what's changed! Don't forget, windows & pets are now working and fully purchaseable!

March 18, 2022
Planet Newka is well underway for the Roblox Platform. This will NOT nor NEVER replace Hotel Newka, but is a way to show off the Newka Multiverse to a huge new audience over on the Roblox platform. Check our Discord for updates as Planet Newka becomes closer and closer to limited release.

Have any suggestions with our new updates? Type it in down below and let us know. No need to click multiple times, we'll get the message after the first click.
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Newka Discord

Newka Staff

WhiteTuxGroom: Hotel Owner
Strangirs:Hotel Manager - Hotel Ops
Rae:Hotel Manager - Community Ops
Anthony:Community Management Manager


NewkaVIP is the elite club in Hotel Newka. At Hotel Newka, we are a not for profit community, meaning we don't accept payment for in game currency and clubs therefore there is essentially no "pay to win" type scenarios that take place here. So NewkaVIP is purchaseable with in-game currency that you receive by leveling up. To purchase VIP, you must attain 500 Diamonds which can be exchanged for a VIP membership.

Though we don't accept payment, we do have a donation option on the website. The server that runs Hotel Newka is currently paid for by Administration, we upkeep the maintanence and server functionality by paying each month to keep this Hotel running, and to keep it free for you. If you did wish to donate to Hotel Newka, the amount that is donated goes directly to the payment account for the server and is reused to server costs- not to our pockets. As a token of appreciation for the kidness of assisting us with the upkeep, anyone who donates to Hotel Newka receives a VIP Membership immediately along with their NewkaVIP Items. There is a line of furniture that was handmade and custom specifically for NewkaVIP. Every week, you receive one of these items as a gift. The only way to receive the item is by being a member of NewkaVIP. NewkaVIP also unlocks TONS of catalogue pages that are unavailable to the regular user, and you're also given a page for every seasonal catalogue page year round. This means you can by 2009 Halloween Furni in March of 2022 if you'd wish! The lists are endless with NewkaVIP, and that shiney new badge you'll get! Once you get to that Diamond amount, purchase a membership, it'll be worth the price!